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Penang Asam Laksa at Nyonya Colors

By  |  Updated 03 Nov 2015
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Nyonya Colors

One Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama
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    Already making a name for itself in Damansara and Subang, Nyonya Colors has made its way to the heart of KL in Nu Sentral! Located strategically on the 3rd floor, it’s hard to miss the outlet’s bright mint green exterior, and who can resist their long display case of Nyonya kuih? We paid a visit to see if Nyonya Colors lives up to its popular reputation.

    Their cosy interior invites you in to dine on Nyonya food

    The process is the same at all outlets: you pick a table, order at the counter, and have the waiters serve you. The first to come were our drinks! We ordered an ice cold cham (RM4.30) and a hot Nescafe (RM3.70) to start. The coffee had a good strong flavour, even with the condensed milk at the bottom. The cham itself had a mixture of tea and coffee that was “kaw” enough to taste the two drinks individually, which is quite impressive.

    Super kaw kopi

    We ordered a chee cheong fun (RM) and were presented with a scrumptious-looking plate. The fat juicy noodles were surrounded by a moat of sweet dark and spicy sauces, then topped with fried shallots, pickled green chilis, and a ton of toasted sesame seeds. The dish on a whole tasted sweet and savoury at the same time, while the noodles were smooth enough to just glide down our throats.

    Look at the amount of garnishing this has!

    If you’re hankering for stronger flavours in your meal, then the Penang asam laksa (RM10.95) is your prime choice. The mackerel-based broth is strong and savoury, with very generous portions of fish in it as well. This glorious bowl of asam laksa is topped with shredded jicama, sliced red onions, green and red chilis, a sprig of mint, and a spoonful of dark prawn paste. What you get is an addictive concoction that will feed the glutton in your soul.

    The level of amazing asam in this dish is too high

    For a more classic option, order one of Nyonya Colors uniquely green nasi lemak with beef rendang (RM12.95). The rice is pandan and lemak-infused, while the beef is tender and succulent. Take a bite of each component and you will remember why nasi lemak is Malaysia’s most favourite dish of all time.

    Yum yum yum, beef rendang in my tum

    For a lighter meal, try the roti jala with chicken curry. The portions are smaller and manageable, just pick up a roll and dunk it in! The curry is dense and full of flavour, and we also like that there was a whole chicken drumstick in it! The roti jala didn’t absorb the curry as much we would have liked, but the flavours of turmeric and coconut milk were there.

    These roti jala rolls are extremely easy to eat

    Of course, we couldn’t leave without dessert! Aside from Peranakan cuisine, Nyonya Colors also offers several Thai dishes including yellow laksa, Thai mee hoon, and thab tim krup (RM5.90)! This shaved ice dessert with pomegranate jellies and slices of jackfruit are the perfect cold treat for a hot day.

    Try out some of this Thai coconut dessert for a change!

    Last but not least, the cendol at Nyonya Colors is a good alternative for dessert – not as heavy as their ABC and a little closer to home than thab tim krup. They’re very generous with the coconut cream, though we might have liked a little more gula Melaka too. The cendol is much fatter than the regular kind found at street stalls, but if this is one of your favourite Malaysian desserts, you can have it at Nyonya Colors too.

    A familiar sweet treat in cendol

    We’re glad Nyonya Colors has been made so much more accessible by opening up shop in Nu Sentral, offering tasty and affordable Nyonya cuisine to the masses. Even if you don’t have time to sit down and have a proper meal, you can always choose from the plethora of kuihs they have to take home!

    Perfect for those on-the-go!

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