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10 Must-Visit Cafes in Melaka

Each of these quirky cafés in the popular areas of Melaka have something special to offer the explorer in you!

Off-the-beaten-path: Melaka

There’s so much more to the historical Melaka than Jonker Walk! Let us draw you out of your touristy comfort zones and show you some of the best foods outside of Melaka town

5 Chicken Rice Ball Face-off

We compare the best chicken rice balls in Melaka, whether it’s with roasted chicken, asam fish, or even halal!

Top 4 Pork Satay in Melaka

Piling up wooden skewers after cleaning them of grilled meat is a treat, so here are four spots to treat yourself to pork satay in Melaka!

4 Kopitiams to Kickstart Your Day In Melaka

Kopitiams have a certain charm of their own, especially in Melaka where nostalgia reigns true, and locals gather over simple, delicious fare
Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Melaka Raya

Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Melaka Raya

As with any good Japanese restaurant, there's unagi and bucketloads of excellent Japanese food
Long Fatt Teochew Porridge

Long Fatt Teochew Porridge

Warm your evenings with a bowl of silky smooth Teochew porridge
De Ocean Restaurant

De Ocean Restaurant

Serving Melakans their favourite dim sum and Chinese dishes all under one roof
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